A model of efficient, cost-effective construction and renovation

Construction “best practices” is more than a catch phrase for Concord Housing + Redevelopment—it’s the way we do business. Whether undertaking a project from the ground up, or renovating major building systems in a fully-occupied building, CH+R has been able to accomplish major projects with insignificant disruptions to residents. Our methods have become models for efficient, cost-effective construction and renovation, and as new technology becomes available, we’ll apply it on our project sites.

The replacement of all water supply and waste water lines in a 40-year-old high rise and 82 occupied units. The first in Concord to use PEX tubing as the main water supply to all 82 units and the largest application of ProPress®, this non-soldering plumbing solution and this redevelopment project has been recognized in national trade magazines. This redevelopment project included asbestos removal, fresh air exchangers, and fire suppression systems.