Concord Housing + Redevelopment is working to make the city a great place to live, work and play.

Concord Housing + Redevelopment ( CH+R ) helps individuals and families throughout the Greater Concord area achieve something that is not always achievable without a helping hand—a place to call home. CH+R is making a direct impact on the quality of life of low to middle income families, the elderly, and people with special needs, through the housing opportunities and services we provide.

Concord Housing + Redevelopment’s affordable housing programs provide decent, safe and affordable housing for families in a manner that promotes and improves the economic independence and social well being of its residents.

Concord Housing + Redevelopment provides fuel for the economic engine driving Concord’s growth and vitality. Working side-by-side with community leaders, we are shaping an exciting, inviting community through collaboration and planning. Great places to live and work don’t just happen—they are created by people with vision and purpose. Concord is a community that will leverage all the benefits that diverse businesses, residences, recreational facilities, and green spaces bring to residents. By partnering with government and business leaders, we can bring complex projects to fruition with leading-edge financing, construction, and operations. The result: a city in which redevelopment drives economic growth and prosperity. New residences, new businesses, new jobs, and new cultural opportunities will be created.