Pitman Place Approved by City Planning Board

City Planning Board’s Unanimous Decision Clears the Way for 11 New Units of Affordable Housing
Concord, NH – May 18, 2011 – Concord Housing + Redevelopment (CH+R) recognized an opportunity to create additional affordable housing for low to moderate income individuals by the redevelopment of their former office space into 11 new, one bedroom, first floor, apartments ideally suited to individuals with disabilities.

The proposed plans for Pitman Place, to be developed within the existing public housing Crutchfield Apartment building, were brought before the City’s Architectural Design Review Committee and the City Planning Board. The redevelopment project received swift and unanimous approval by both Board and Committee.

“We are ready to begin construction immediately on this project, and we are scheduled to be completed by the fall of 2011. We are acutely aware of how great the need is and do not want to waste a moment of time,” said John Hoyt, Executive Director of Concord Housing + Redevelopment.

CH+R is one of the leading housing development organizations in the region, and partners with companies and organizations throughout the Concord region to bring cutting-edge financing, construction, renovation, and operational practices to housing and neighborhood initiatives.