After School Care

Concord Housing + Redevelopment and Merrimack Valley Day Care Service have collaborated to create a program that keeps children safe and occupied after school lets out for the day or on snow or school vacation days.
The program, which is free for residents, has a Licensed Plus designation from the state, which means it surpasses the state licensing guidelines in key areas such as curriculum, teacher qualifications, and staff training.
As part of the program, all the children receive:
– A safe place to go after school and on school vacations and in the summer, where they can play with their friends, create art projects, get healthy exercise and just relax
– Breakfast, lunch and an afternoon snacks at no charge to the families
– Homework assistance from a Title 1 teacher, who also works with the children over the summer to ensure that the children keep gaining academically
– Swim lessons in collaboration with the Concord YMCA and Concord Recreation Department
– Tennis lessons from the Concord Recreation Department
– Field trips to beaches, state parks, museums, and aquariums to ensure that the children experience the world outside of their neighborhood
– Summer vacation weeks that are built around a theme with activities and field trips to support learning

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