John Hoyt

Executive Director

Concord is a wonderful place to live. Its popularity, however, has increased demand for affordable housing and compelling commercial and retail space.

For nearly 50 years, Concord Housing + Redevelopment has been delivering on its mission to provide quality, affordable housing for city residents through effective management of residential properties. We have also forged important partnerships with the public and private sectors to help fuel economic growth. This history of innovation; combined with leadership, modern construction techniques, innovative financing options, and professional management; enables CH+R to provide living and working options for all members of the community. We are recognized nationally by the U.S. Housing and Urban Development as a high performing housing authority, and our ability to issue bonds makes us a vital component in the city’s economic engine.

Concord has a bright future filled with amazing potential. Concord Housing + Redevelopment stands ready to partner with companies and organizations throughout the region to bring financing, construction, renovation and operational practices to housing and neighborhood redevelopment.