CH+R Teams Up with Girl Scouts to Provide Opportunities for Underprivileged Youth

Concord Housing + Redevelopment (CH+R), is pleased to announce a partnership with Girl Scouts of the Green and White Mountains (GSGWM). The collaboration will ensure that girls from underserved areas have the opportunity to participate in the life-changing experiences that Girl Scouting has to offer.

Hoyt has committed to donate a total of $10,000 to GSGWM. The money is designated to the organization’s Outreach program. To ensure continuity Outreach troops are run by professional staff instead of volunteers. There are 31 Outreach troops in New Hampshire and Vermont. CH+R’s original donation of $5,000 set up two Concord-area Outreach troops that currently serves 23 underprivileged girls – 8 of whom live in CH+R housing. The money covers all of the membership fees, uniforms, and some supplies. CH+R will give another $5,000 so that any one of the 23 girls who want to can attend summer camp.

“As a veteran of scouting myself, I believe that the skills learned through scouting last a lifetime,” said Hoyt. “It’s a very exciting opportunity for these girls who might not otherwise, have had the chance to be involved in Girl Scouts be a part of these Outreach troops. Participation in organizations like these really makes a difference in the life of a child.”

Hoyt and CH+R are at the forefront of an effort to seek ways to keep Concord’s youth involved in organizations that will help shape a positive future. In addition to their support of GSGWM, CH+R is also proud to support the Concord Parks and Recreation swim programs and the YMCA winter swimming program, SAW.