Executive Director

Concord Housing + Redevelopment begins search for Executive Director

Concord Housing + Redevelopment connects individuals and families in the Greater Concord NH area with a place to call home. We make a direct impact on the quality of life of low to middle income families, the elderly, and people with special needs, through affordable, safe housing and access to services. Through these programs Concord Housing + Redevelopment promotes and improves the economic independence, and social well-being of its residents.

The preferred candidate will have experience and working knowledge of the administration of HUD housing programs, such as Public Housing, Housing Choice Vouchers, Low Income Housing Tax Credit (LIHTC), Special Needs Programs, Capital Improvement Grants, and Modernization and Development. The candidate will also need to have the ability to prepare and communicate CH+R’s financial budget and performance and to manage staff and organizational development. Preference will be given to the candidate with experience in securing multiple sources of financing and uses, market rate and affordable housing development, and an awareness of emerging needs of CH+R and the community.

The successful applicant will be a proven leader in managing, maintaining, and expanding existing housing resources, new housing, and funding sources, optimizing capital and housing expenditures and maintaining full compliance with all programmatic regulations. It is also expected that the candidate will have experience in cultivating and maintaining community connections.

The Executive Director who reports to a volunteer Board of Commissioners will assume full responsibility for the CH+R services and activities, operations, and staffing, as well as planning, directing, and implementing all policies, programs, and services of the agency.

Job Description

Position:Executive Director
Reports to:Board of Commissioners; HUD
Classification:Full-Time; Permanent
Supervises:All Departments

Summary of Responsibilities:
The Executive Director will be responsible for the overall management of the Housing Authority including administration and support of the Board of Commissioners, financial management, human resource management, and community and public relations.

Functions/Duties Housing Authority:
Essential functions of this position include but are not limited to the following:
• Actively monitor the affordable housing industry, anticipate changes and develop long-term strategies to address such changes.
• Research policy issues and develop proposals for the Commissioners.
• Execute policies in compliance with and as regulated by applicable agencies and as approved by the Commissioners.
• Forge and foster relevant collaborations that promote the mission of the Housing Authority.
• Plan for the expenditure of all state and federal funding, including the Capital Fund, and collaborate with the Board of Commissioners on the plan. Execute the plan in compliance with and as regulated by applicable agencies.
• Accurate and timely HUD reporting, scheduling third-party auditing reports across all programs and reporting results to the Board
• Monitor and evaluate all programs and projects of the housing authority and implement changes as appropriate.
• Seek and acquire resources to support programs and services offered by the Housing Authority.
• Manage organization’s resources prudently and in accordance with all current laws and regulations.
• Develop annual budget for approval from the Commissioners that accounts for industry uncertainty.
• Prepare quarterly budget report for the Board of Commissioners and long-range projections for the Housing Authority’s finances.
• Ensure fair employment practices that comply with current laws and regulations.
• Establish job descriptions and oversee hiring, training, and supervision of all staff.
• Develop proposals for the Board of Commissioners for human resource needs including personnel, benefits and compensation.
• Serve and carry out related tasks as Secretary for the Board of Commissioners.

Functions/Duties Redevelopment:
Essential functions of this position include but are not limited to the following:
• Actively seek and advise the Board of Commissioners of opportunities for organizational growth, purchase and development of new market rate properties and challenges faced.
• Forge and foster relevant collaborations with real estate agents, other developers, banks and the City that promote the mission of the Redevelopment Authority.
• Develop proformas for the purchase of and rehabilitation of properties.
• Seek and acquire resources to support development of new properties.
• Develop annual budgets for market rate properties for Board of Commissioners approval.
• Monitor and evaluate all properties under the Redevelopment arm of the organization and implement changes as appropriate.

Physical/Mental Requirements:
• Must be willing to work varied hours and attend relevant conferences and training in and out of state.
• Work with minimal supervision and make sound decisions under pressure.
• Ability to communicate effectively and in a way as to promote the mission of the Housing Authority.
• Demonstrated awareness of local and national political environment.
• Ability to forge collaboration among peers and relevant stakeholders.
• Foster team-work and a positive work environment.
• Reside in relatively close proximity to the Housing Authority’s Main Office.

Equipment/Tools Utilized
Must have own vehicle and possess a valid driver’s license.


Public Housing: 262 Units
AMP 1 – Elderly/Disabled
John F. Kennedy (1966) – 10 story high rise, 82 units
Boucher Apartments (1964) – 3 garden style buildings, 16 units
Crutchfield Apartment (1974) – 7 story high rise, 105 units

AMP 2 – Family
Jennings Drive (1971) – 12 townhouse style, 50 units and a community center
Ciriello Apartments (1991) – 2 townhouse style, 9 units

LIHTC: 25 Units
Parmenter Place (2010) – 6 townhouse style, 25 units

Special Needs Housing: 17 Units
Pitman Place (2012) – 11 garden style apartments located inside the Crutchfield Apartments. (HUD SAC approval)
Thompson Square (2014) – 6 garden style apartments located inside the JFK building. (HUD SAC approval)

Market Rate: 14 housing units/2 retail storefronts
Lee Avenue (2012) – 2 buildings with 9 residential units and 2 retail stores
Wall Street (2019) – 2 buildings with 5 residential units and 1 building with a retail store.

Section 8: 260 units
HCV – 230
Tenant Protection PBV – 15
Foster Youth – 5
Mainstream – 10