Concord Housing+ Redevelopment’s work on South Main Street Highlights Our Efficient, Cost-Effective Construction

When Concord Housing + Redevelopment purchased the property on South Main Street, the building’s structural deficiencies were a major factor that needed to be addressed in the renovation process. Initial improvements to the property included electrical, heating and hot water, along with installing fire alarms and renovating the existing apartments.

Work on the structural issues that existed in the building’s south stairwell were a bigger and potentially more expensive challenge. Working with Hutter Construction, a temporary shoring structure was designed and implemented allowing repairs to be completed, without disrupting tenants or requiring the installation of a new roof. The finished porch enclosure meets code requirements for life safety, fire and egress, and includes LED lighting making it as maintenance free as possible. The market rate housing at South Main Street highlights our ability to complete projects and ensure that they become valuable assets for the Concord community.