Concord Housing + Redevelopment’s Version of an Extreme Home Makeover

It’s going to be a bit noisy this summer at the John F. Kennedy building situated on the corner of Main Street and Thompson Street. Concord Housing + Redevelopment is launching several major projects to one of our older buildings. Renovations, energy updates, painting, landscaping and more will be performed throughout the summer to bring our building to a fresher, more energy efficient, and ADA compliant home.

The two 50 year-old elevators in the Kennedy Building will undergo
a $200,000 renovation, the first in more than 50 years.

Our main lobby will be expanded and feature a freshly painted space that is roomier and more convivial for social gathering and a warm environment for our residents to wait for rides and family members.

Landscaping crews will be busy over the next few months as they tackle years of overgrown bushes and trees. Once a new landscape is created our grounds will be more user-friendly and ADA accessible for all.

ADA accessibility is of prime importance to our residents and their visitors. This season will see the completion of two newly reconstructed entrances for ADA access to the Kennedy Building – one on Thompson Street and one on Main street.

A fresh coat of paint in today’s upbeat and modern colors will liven up all of the Kennedy Building common areas.

Each year Concord Housing + Redevelopment makes strides to improve the energy efficiency in each of its properties. This year the major renovations to the Kennedy Building including energy efficient and ADA entrances, updating and modernizing equipment and landscaping, all go a long way to the final goal.