Concord Housing + Redevelopment Purchases Property In Capital City

Concord Housing + Redevelopment (CHR) has purchased the property located at 84 South State Street in Concord. The building contains four residential units and a 1,000 square foot commercial/retail space. Extensive renovations will begin immediately to elevate this underperforming property into desirable market rate housing and commercial space.

“This property has been on the market for a long time,” said John Hoyt, Executive Director of Concord Housing + Redevelopment. “We have great plans for it. When we are finished with the renovations, it will be a beautiful building in the city’s South End. This piece of property has been underperforming for quite some time, and we are excited to have our hands on it and give it new life.”

Currently, two of the building’s residential units are occupied. The residents, however, will not be moved during construction. Plans for the two empty units include combining them into a 1,000 square foot, two-bedroom apartment. This renovation eliminates one of the efficiency apartments, making it a larger, more attractive place to live.

The commercial/retail unit is available immediately. Anyone interested in the roughly 1,000 square feet of commercial/retail space should contact Wendy Keeler at Fairway Real Estate at (603) 227-0233.