Concord Housing+ Redevelopment Prepares To Unveil Thompson Square

When the curtain finally opens on Thompson Square, Concord Housing + Redevelopment will be able to provide much needed special needs housing in downtown Concord. The project, which includes the repurposing of the former CH+R offices and an aging auditorium, located on the ground level of the John F. Kennedy housing complex, was not without its challenges. Not only were three of the new apartments being created in a sunken theater, they were being constructed in a building with 82 occupied apartments—making the construction process all that much more difficult.

Concord Housing + Redevelopment has completed many projects in occupied buildings and understands the challenges that noise, dust and dirt present to our tenants. In choosing Hutter Construction for the project, we knew we had a partner who would meet those challenges, as well as any unexpected surprises that might arise while renovating an older building.

Despite the challenges involved with Thompson Square, construction has progressed quickly and the project is scheduled for completion by early spring. The finished apartments will be handicapped accessible, meeting the needs of people who require additional services to help them live independently. There will also be space for the Visiting Nurse Association offices and meeting space for area social workers.