Concord Firm to Execute Energy Audit of Concord Housing + Redevelopment Properties

Concord Housing + Redevelopment Executive Director John Hoyt is pleased to announce that Resilient Buildings Group, Inc. of Concord, NH has been contracted to perform a ASHRAE Level II Energy Audit of the organization’s Public Housing units and buildings.

The energy audit uses Blower Door testing in conjunction with infrared Photography, putting the building under negative pressure, which reveals if the building is “leaky”. The audit also evaluates air quality, identifies safety or health issues, evaluates heating systems, levels of quality of insulation — then models the building’s results.

“Through the modeling report we will have a price value and what next best steps are to be taken, says Hoyt. “We’ll work with Resilient and the low income CORE weatherization program through Until Electric and Liberty Gas to make sure our homes are energy efficient, safe and comfortable for our residents. All recommended updates that make economic sense outside of the low income programs will also be completed.”

Resilient Buildings Group general manager Dana Nute explains, “The testing process takes approximately two weeks. Once complete, we put a package together based on the audit results and what energy company programs and government initiatives are available to update the buildings. This is often at no additional charge to the housing authority.”

ASHRAE, the American Society of Heating Refrigerating and Air-Condition Engineers, sets the energy audit standards. Utility companies require Level II audit results before providing rebates and incentives.